Papers + Presentations

Papers & manuscripts

Caso, Anabelle, and Oisín Ó Muirthile. 2024. “Secondary Predication in Irish and the Syntax-Prosody Interface”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 9 (1): 5726. [pdf]

Caso, Anabelle. 2024. "Prosody Reveals Syntactic Structure: Secondary Predication in Finite Metrical Corpora". University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics: Proceedings of the 47th Annual Penn Linguistics Conference. [pdf]

Caso, Anabelle. 2022. "Welcome to dušox: agreement and alignment in Book Pahlavi". Unpublished Ms, Concordia University Montréal. [contact for latest draft]

Conference & workshop presentations

Caso, A & Ó Muirthile, O. 2024. "Secondary predication in Irish and the syntax-prosody interface". 2024 Linguistic Society of America Meeting. January 7. New York, NY. *LSA Student Abstract Award: 3rd Prize* [handout]

Caso, A & Ó Muirthile, O. 2023. "Secondary predication in Irish". 42nd Annual Harvard Celtic Colloquium. October 6. Cambridge, MA. [abstract]

Caso, A & Hale, M. 2023. "Secondary predication in metrical texts: syntax-prosody mapping in ancient Indo-European languages". International Conference on Historical Linguistics. September 5. Heidelberg, DE. [handout]

Caso, A. 2023. "Prosody and syntax at work in ancient texts". Harvard University Linguistics Graduate Student Workshop. March 24. Cambridge, MA. 

Caso, A. 2023. “Prosody reveals syntactic structure: secondary predication in metrical finite corpus data”. University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Colloquium 47. March 18. Philidelphia, PA. [abstract] [slides]

Caso, A. 2023. “On the syntax and semantics of secondary predicates in Vedic”. Western Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Language Research (WISSLR) 2023. March 4. Online. [handout]

Caso, A. 2023. “Slay him naked: an interface approach to secondary predication”. ECO-5 @ UConn 2023. February 25. Storrs, CT. [slides]

Caso, A. 2022. "Remarks on Middle (Western) Iranian ergativity". Third AMC Symposium: change in syntax and phonology: the same or different?. December 6. Edinburgh, UK. [poster] [handout]

Caso, A. 2022. "Agreement and alignment in Middle Iranian". Harvard University Indo-European and Historical Workshop. October 7. Cambridge, MA. [handout]

Caso, A. 2021. "Atharvaveda Paippalada: a grammatical and comparative analysis". Concordia University CUSRA & NSERC E-Conference. November 5. Montréal, QC. [recording]