Anabelle Hayden Caso

Linguistics, Data Analysis, & Science Communication

My name is Anabelle Caso and I am a third year PhD student at Harvard University conducting research under the supervision of Kevin Ryan, Kathryn Franich, and Jay Jasanoff. My alma mater is Concordia University Montréal, where I completed a BA in the Honours Linguistics program with an additional major in Philosophy. My undergraduate and Master's theses were written under the supervision of Mark Hale

I study syntax (the computational component of the mind responsible for the construction of sentences, phrases, and clauses), and its interfaces with morphology, phonology, and semantics. I am concerned with both the synchronic and diachronic implications of these interactions, and I am enthusiastic about how they are preserved in ancient and contemporary finite corpora. My research therefore combines linguistic theory, traditional philology, and computational methods. 

My broad research interests include systems of agreement, case, alignment, and prosody. More narrowly, I am interested in clitic distribution, secondary predication, and split-ergativity. The philosophical paradigm through which I view science and language draws on phenomenology and philosophy of nature. 

Outside of my doctoral research, I'm passionate about writing, editorial work, and science communication. I feel strongly about education accessibility and pedagogy; please feel free to contact me for general copyediting and PhD application advice and resources.